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(C) 2014 Busters Dog Treats

Buster's Dog Treats are an all natural, home baked dog treat.
We do not add any preservatives, salt, sugar, dyes or corn meal to the treats.
Our dog treats are always fresh, made with top quality ingredients.

We offer a variety of flavors:

Whole Wheat Treats

Bacon treats: A whole wheat treat made with savory bacon renderings.
Peanut Butter: Creamy Peanut Butter is blended into a bite size treat.
Cheese: A whole wheat treat made with grated, tasty Parmesan cheese.
Chicken: A savory treat made with whole wheat flour and chicken base.
Mixed: An assortment of Bacon, Cheese, Peanut Butter and Chicken Treats.
Small Dog Treats - Bacon: A small treat with a lite crunch, perfect for training or for small doggies.

Wheat Free Treats

Yams: WHEAT FREE! Fresh cooked yams combined with rice flour - there is no gluten in this treat.
Carrots with Parsley: Made with 100% of the carrot. Parsley is added for joint health and fresh breath..

Grain Free Treat

Bacon: Millet and Coconut flour added with fresh cooked bacon rendering for a savory treat.


Any orders above 20 Lbs please contact us at bustertreats@live.com.

Buster's Dog Treats are available at the Newport Farmer's Market, the Yachats Farmer's Market, at the Itinerant Artists Marketplace in Lincoln City, and the First Alternative Food Co-Op in Corvallis (North Store).