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"guess what River just ate - yep, a Buster's Dog Treat. We can always
tell when River comes to market: he clears the path to our booth just
so he can get more treats."

When given a choice, our dog always picks the cheese dog cookies. He will even spit out a regular dog cookie for Buster's Treats! - Judy Brim

Our dog, Curly, a Pit Bull, has many sensitivities to wheat, corn, chicken, etc., but he just loves his Rice and Yam treats. - Paula

Good for dogs, good for us! - Susan Painter

Hello, my name is Zelda Neurotica and I just want to tell all you dog lovers that the BEST way to train your dogs is with Buster's Treats! I have learned all kinds of new tricks just so I can con my pack leaders into giving me just ONE more!

This is Kaya. She has been one of our longest and very devoted customers.

Pumpkin - she was found in a pumpkin patch . She is one of our newest recruts to the busters dog treats fan club.


I just heard on the radio that today is International Dog Treat Appreciation Day. Imagine that! I didn’t know there was such a thing. Anyway, it reminded me that I wanted to write to you and tell you how much my dogs love Buster’s Dog Treats.

We got a mixed treat bag and both my dogs love them. One loves them so much, she has to be reminded to chew; otherwise she’ll just swallow them whole! The other comes running any time he hears the sound of the bag being taken down from the top of the refrigerator and opened. Whenever he comes in the house, he sits down in dining room and looks up to where the treats are stored, obviously wanting us to take them down and hand them over. He also has allergies but hasn’t had a single problem with any of the treats he has eaten.

Thanks so much for making these wonderful treats!

Helen Kupeli