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We are a family of six - Mark and Anja, oldest son Ben, then Mariano and Damion and daughter, Alina. We also are proud "owner/parents" of four dogs named "Cabbage", "Mushu", "Chewy" and the youngest: "Pepper", a lovebird "Ruby," two parakeets, as well as several farm animals: 2 Goats (very charismatic and full of personality), Ducks, Chickens and Rabbits.

Anja and Ben started baking Buster's Dog Treats in 2005. We began selling our treats at the Newport Farmer's Market, which gave all of us the opportunity to come in contact with many four legged friends. In 2008, Mark joined baking the dog treats full-time.

Since 2005 we have provided a healthy, alternative treat to many customers. Over the years, we added new treat options to our menu, such as Wheat free Carrot and Parsley, Grain free and Small Dog Treats.

Buster Cabbage